Labour Market Information System

Labour Market Information System (LMIS)

Industrialization is a backbone of the economy and Labor Manpower is a key of successful industrialization.

  1. The LMIS produce labour market analysis that is useful for the formulation and implementation of labour policies, migration, and projects and programs to promote employment.
  2. To develop the computerized Registration of Industries, firms, plaza, shops and institutions etc.
  3. Collection and analysis available data of Labour Welfare Department and dissemination of user friendly information to public by establishing a Labour Market Informal Cell
  4. Development of database of labor market plays a significant role in knowing market trends, demands and for future planning.
  5. Periodical Collection, Analysis &  Dissemination    of data  of workers (skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers) to job providers/seekers as well as recruiting agencies and stakeholders  through LIMS
  6. LMIS shall provide top management of the department to have access to the essential reports online to access achievement of the department and identify depressing areas for further improving the service delivery of the department.